Associate Testimonials

Dana King

Illinois, USA

“After a career in the corporate sector, it has been refreshing to grow my business the way I want to and at the pace that I choose! With focus and determination, I was able to achieve top producer status in my second year with the company, and it was a great confidence booster!”

Mekdim Yemane

Virginia, USA

“I don’t have anyone looking over my shoulder micromanaging how I conduct my day-to-day engagement with clients. I can be my authentic self with my clients, which has allowed me to create strong and lasting relationships.”

Catherine Tondelli

Rome, Italy

“With HelmsBriscoe, I now have time for the things I love to do, while also earning as much as I want to make. I love the fact that I run this as my business, and the cherry on the top is that I have the huge, supportive HB family with me at all times.”

Dee Gause

North Carolina, USA

“The freedom to choose is something that we all want in our career and daily lives. Becoming a business owner was the best type of freedom for me because my trajectory became my choice, my hours became my choice, and most importantly, what I earned became my choice.”

Debbie O’Reilly

Texas, USA

“I just finished my second year with HelmsBriscoe, and I am loving and living life to its fullest! Money is coming in, and my daughter is spoiled by the new freedom I have by being my own boss with flexible hours.”

Lyndee Sensenbach

California, USA

“After working in hotels since college, I knew two things: I loved the industry, but I wanted more from life than 12-hour workdays. I made the switch from being a hotelier to an HB Associate early in my career, and being a part of the HelmsBriscoe family has allowed me to take control of my life and my professional growth.”

Rosa Vega

New York, USA

“As a mom, a daughter, a wife, a sister, and a passionate entrepreneur, HelmsBriscoe gives me the flexibility to keep up with the pace of all the different aspects of my life.”

Kay McIntyre

Cheshire, England

“As a seasoned sales professional with a flexible skill set, I’ve been able to transition easily to HelmsBriscoe, even without a background in hospitality…I love the variety and freedom that the HelmsBriscoe business model allows.”

Ricki Shaw

Georgia, USA

“HelmsBriscoe has given me work-life balance and a positive, supportive environment in which to grow my career. I am always learning new things, and I constantly feel motivated and supported by my leadership team. With HelmsBriscoe, the sky is the limit!”

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