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Today, through hard work, education, support, and exceptional client service, we have successfully grown our team to more than 1,400 highly qualified Associates spanning 60 countries across the globe. This established network paves the way for your business success and growth. Our expectations are high, but if you have the experience and drive to succeed, and wish to grow your career within the hospitality industry, we hope to hear from you!

What Does a Career with HelmsBriscoe Mean for You?

As commission-based independent contractors, HB Associates have the flexibility to determine their own career destiny. HelmsBriscoe fosters an environment in which Associates can live the lifestyle they choose with the ability to build their businesses at a pace that works for them. HB's team of Associates also contribute to each other’s success—we are entrepreneurs within a framework of mutual support. Below are just a few of the benefits of joining the HB team.

Work-Life Balance

With HB, you control your time. You can set your own priorities, and work when and how you choose.

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Work from Anywhere

You have no geographic boundaries with HB. Your work is wherever you want to be, anywhere in the world.

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Passion for the Industry

If you take pride in your work and have a true appreciation for hospitality, you will be joining a team of likeminded industry professionals.

Passion For The Industry V7

Financial Freedom

With HB you won't be restricted by income caps or quotas. With our commission-based model, your earnings are limitless. 

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Team Culture

HB offers both independence and team support. You choose how to run your business, but are always backed by our global network.

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Global Opportunities

With Associates all over the world, you have no limits on how far your business can reach. You choose which clients you work with and where.

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Hear more from our HelmsBriscoe Associates!

Rshaw Slider

Ricki Shaw - Georgia, USA

"HelmsBriscoe has given me work-life balance and a positive, supportive environment in which to grow my career. I am always learning new things, and I constantly feel motivated and supported by my leadership team. With HelmsBriscoe, the sky is the limit!"

Lsensenbach Slider

Lyndee Sensenbach - California, USA

"After working in hotels since college, I knew two things: I loved the industry, but I wanted more from life than 12-hour workdays. I made the switch from being a hotelier to an HB Associate early in my career, and being a part of the HelmsBriscoe family has allowed me to take control of my life and my professional growth."

Blau Slider

Bernie Lau - China

"HelmsBriscoe allows me to work independently, while also having the support of the world’s largest venue sourcing company. Because I can set my own schedule and routine, I can work with hotels and clients in different time zones all over the globe. I truly enjoy my work, and it pays off!"

Myemane Slider

Mekdim Yemane - Virginia, USA

"I don’t have anyone looking over my shoulder micromanaging how I conduct my day-to-day engagement with clients. I can be my authentic self with my clients, which has allowed me to create strong and lasting relationships."

Adzhaleva Slider

Asya Dzhaleva-Yankova - Mexico

"HelmsBriscoe gave me the amazing opportunity to build on my passion for hospitality while starting a family. I love the fact that I can feel valuable for my clients, my colleagues, and my family all at the same time. Attending our Annual Business Conference in the same year I joined immediately confirmed to me the scope of what I was part of and the values represented."

Dgause Slider

Dee Gause - North Carolina, USA

"The freedom to choose is something that we all want in our career and daily lives. Becoming a business owner was the best type of freedom for me because my trajectory became my choice, my hours became my choice, and most importantly, what I earned became my choice."

Arocco Slider

Alessandro Rocco - Italy

"With HelmsBriscoe, I can choose how I manage and grow my business and my success, while also helping my clients."

Doreilly Slider

Debbie O'Reilly - Texas, USA

"With HelmsBriscoe, I am loving and living life to its fullest! Money is coming in, and my daughter is spoiled by the freedom I have by being my own boss with flexible hours."

Dking Slider

Dana King - Illinois, USA

"After a career in the corporate sector, it has been refreshing to grow my business the way I want to and at the pace that I choose! With focus and determination, I was able to achieve top producer status in my second year with the company, and it was a great confidence booster!"

Rvega Slider

Rosa Vega - New York, USA

"As a mom, a daughter, a wife, a sister, and a passionate entrepreneur, HelmsBriscoe gives me the flexibility to keep up with the pace of all the different aspects of my life."

Slauretta Slider

Salvatore Lauretta - United Kingdom

"HelmsBriscoe allows me to utilize my passion for the hospitality industry, while working when and where I choose."

Xdula Slider

Xenia Dula - Croatia

"At HelmsBriscoe, I have a great degree of autonomy within my job, as well as the opportunity to convert my passion for hospitality into action within an international environment."

Mpetermann Slider

Monica Petermann - Italy

"Time is the most precious thing we have, and having the chance to manage my time while obtaining professional satisfaction is a privilege I get from working with HB."


Joris Eyck - Luxembourg

"HelmsBriscoe allows me to plan my day in line with my family’s needs, earn a solid income in line with my dreams, and develop personally in line with my ambitions."

Dgriffin Slider

Dwann Griffin - Australia

"With HelmsBriscoe, I can connect with clients, suppliers, and my community. The flexibility allows me to spend quality time with my family and friends."


Cherryl Lyn Cunanan - Hawaii, USA

"At HelmsBriscoe, I get to do what I love, without giving up special time with the people who matter most to me."

Msmithbronneberg Slider

Mariella Smith - France

"At HelmsBriscoe, there is always someone in our network to boost my morale and offer great ideas by sharing best practices and solutions."

Rharrison Slider

Rob Harrison - United Kingdom

"HelmsBriscoe allows me to work with people who want to push themselves, grow their business, and have clients who value them."

Lwilliams Slider

LaToya Williams - New York, USA

"HelmsBriscoe allows me to truly balance work and life, take my office wherever I go, and the possibilities are indeed endless."